Mouthwatering Makweti Recipes For May 2018

Welcome to your dose of mouthwatering Makweti recipes for the month of May. Seeing as though it’s Winter, we thought we would warm you up with this three-course meal. Enjoy!

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Watching A Female Cheetah Come Into Motherhood

By / 22nd April, 2018 / Wildlife At Makweti / Off

Over the years, guests of Makweti Safari Lodge have had the pleasure of watching one of Welgevonden’s female cheetahs come into motherhood.

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Delicious Makweti Recipes for April 2018

We said we’d share a bit of our kitchen magic with you, so here is a three-course meal that was created in the Makweti kitchen, by our talented Chef Phillip Nthai.

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Inside The Kitchen Of Chef Phillip Nthai

By / 2nd April, 2018 / People Of Makweti / Off

Phillip is one of the reasons why guests come flocking back to Makweti, time and again.
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Stretching the Makweti Safari Lodge way

By / 19th December, 2017 / Experience / Off

Never mind downward-facing dog, this baboon troop at Makweti are reinventing yoga moves as they get their stretch – and sip – in.

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New addition to Makweti’s monkey troop

By / 20th November, 2017 / Experience / Off

It’s a boy, and he belongs to a very proud pair of Vervet monkey parents at Makweti Safari Lodge.

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Makweti plays ball with local community

By / 18th October, 2017 / Community / Off

Giving back to the local community is something Makweti Safari Lodge is passionate about.

Located 39km from the township of Vaalwater, we sponsor the Zebras Football Club, who are popularly known as the Makweti Zebras and play for the Waterberg District Football Association.

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Cheetah Male in burnt area

By / 5th September, 2017 / Experience / Off

This adult male Cheetah has been regularly seen in the Southern Plains, which recently burnt in a wild fire.

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Grey Headed Bush Shrike

By / 29th August, 2017 / Experience / Off

For some time now, almost 3 weeks, this Grey Headed Bush shrike has frequented the large Kudu berry tree outside Reception and spends time foraging around the thicket areas close to the Indaba where the dense cover aids his feeding activities.

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Night-time happenings at Makweti

By / 27th July, 2017 / Experience / Off

It is easy to forget that while humans are active during the day, there are millions of species which choose the night hours to get moving.

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