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JUST ASK US: We see quite a few open areas on the Reserve suddenly appear, almost as Islands, what causes this?

Colin responds. An open area may form naturally in any wooded area for various reasons. Just one example is an area where a termite mound has ceased to exist. The remaining underground plant material the termites did not consume fertilizes what was a bare area and grass grows. Grazers happen upon the area and use

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Makweti Traditional Breakfast

While we all enjoy a traditional english breakfast from time-to-time, here at Makweti, we love to introduce local flavour into our cuisine! One of our favourite dishes is our Makweti Traditional Breakfast, where we bring boerewors, chakalaka and Zulu steam bread to the breakfast table in style and true South African flavour! A few fun

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Perspective. The appearance of something relative to one another. We gain perspective daily of our own lives, our purpose in society, our roles as parents and children, of politics, religions, celebrities and more. All of us are constantly fed information from a wide range of sources, constantly changing how we see things, creating emotion and

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A Mothers’ Nature

Mothers, we all have one, whether we like it or not. They come in all shapes and sizes, colours, and temperaments. Although some may seem to think that the ‘grass is greener’ on other peoples’ mothers, there is one thing no one can deny, we cannot be without them. The role of a mother is

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JUST ASK US! How do Brown and Spotted Hyena differ in appearance and behaviour?

Neil responds. We are fortunate to host both species of southern African Hyena on the Welgevonden Game Reserve, and although their numbers are lower than that of other top predators, they feature on the ‘wanted’ list amongst Guests. Both are well adapted to the area, with the Brown Hyena being a species that inhabited the

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Bringing the Beach to the Bush – East Coast Prawn Curry

In the words of novelist Jonathan Safran Foer, “Food is not rational. Food is culture, habit, craving and identity.” Few foods are as culturally-rich and – if we’re honest – irrational as a spicy-hot east coast curry. And yet, the cravings arise. We’re not all beef and venison in the bush – Even here, we

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Butternut and Lentil Strudel

Visiting an African wilderness is a deeply personal experience for any traveller. At Makweti, we aim to make every aspect of your stay special – even the food – and with a wonderful repertoire of mouthwatering vegetarian dishes, we help all our guests to celebrate their personal dietary preferences.  Personally yours, to try at home,

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