Delightful safari experiences at Makweti are assured by an astounding diversity of wild species, including the “Big Five”; by natural densities of wildlife; and by superbly qualified guides.

Makweti’s guides are, moreover, mature experts, proven in their dedication to introducing you to our wildlife, ecology, and the African folk-wisdom imbued in our environment.

While most of our safaris are conducted in an open vehicle, walking safaris can be tailored, on request, to your special wildlife or ecological interests. All bush walks would be by prior arrangement and are subject to availability.

Vital to any true safari experience is a certain quality of stillness. Wild animals follow their own sense of time and space, and the greater your personal sense of stillness – or peace, or well-being – the more you will experience.  In making your stay comfortable, secure and exclusive, Makweti aims to maximize both your inner peace and the pleasure of your safari.