Getting To Know Makweti’s Johanna Mokau

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We are proud to introduce you to Johanna, a member of the Makweti family who was born in Vaalwater, 45km away from the lodge. Johanna is one of four children and is also a mom to her own beautiful daughter, Letta, and wife to Solomon Mongane, a mechanic from Vaalwater. She is also a proud grandmother and loves spending quality time with her entire family.

Johanna is a part of the Makweti kitchen team and takes extreme pride in her work. Her table settings are creative and imaginative and it’s these small details that surprise and intrigue guests, as they change with every meal.

Johanna’s fascination with the bush is what brought her to Makweti. One of the highlights of her work with us at the lodge is being in such close proximity to the monkeys. She loves their cheeky nature and sees them as the children of the lodge. She adores them so much that she feels a little sad when they’re not around. We have to admit that they do add an exciting and fun element to every day.

If you’ve ever had the honour of meeting Johanna, you would know that her smile lights up the room. Make a point to meet her in person on your next visit to the lodge.

Photograph: Ross Wilson

Bushveld Candelabra – The Makweti Tree – Euphorbia Cooperi

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One of the most frequently asked questions by most (if not all) our guests is: “What does Makweti mean?” Well, the answer is as simple as it is not. The camp is built in an area of the Welgevonden Game Reserve that is referred to as the “Makweti Gorge.” This gorge lies north of the camp and is the area we look onto from our breakfast deck down towards the Taaibos River Valley.

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Ginger Milk Tart Recipe

It’s June, the middle of winter here in South Africa, and the perfect time to turn to comfort food. This month we’ve got something positively delectable for you to bake in your own kitchens. A South African staple and traditional dessert in many households: the milk tart. In true Chef Phillip style, his milk tart recipe has a little bit of a twist added to it in the form of the warming, significant taste of ginger. We hope you enjoy baking this as much as you enjoy savouring every morsel!

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Welgevonden Lion Update 2018 – A Makweti Guide’s Perspective

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As the prime species of the big 5, lions are always high on the ‘must see’ list during any safari or game reserve visit. Fortunately for all Makweti visitors, the Welgevonden Game Reserve is home to a bustling lion population.

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Making Guests Feel At Home At Makweti – Guest Reviews

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At Makweti Safari Lodge, we pride ourselves on exemplary service and the ways that we can deliver this to our guests. But service can be a very impersonal act. It can be professional, it can be streamlined, and it can also be detached. Something that has always been close to our hearts is the creation of tangible bonds with our guests.

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Celebrating The Vibrant Woodland Kingfisher At Makweti

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Woodland kingfisher – Halcyon senegalensis In late October, we look forward to the woodland kingfisher returning to the Waterberg, seeking suitable nesting sites to raise their young. They come back to the reach of Makweti at this time because of the abundance of food available with the onset of the summer rains. It truly is a special time for us. Read More

Mouthwatering Makweti Recipes For May 2018

Welcome to your dose of mouthwatering Makweti recipes for the month of May. Seeing as though it’s Winter, we thought we would warm you up with this three-course meal. Enjoy!

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Watching A Female Cheetah Come Into Motherhood

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Over the years, guests of Makweti Safari Lodge have had the pleasure of watching one of Welgevonden’s female cheetahs come into motherhood.

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Delicious Makweti Recipes for April 2018

We said we’d share a bit of our kitchen magic with you, so here is a three-course meal that was created in the Makweti kitchen, by our talented Chef Phillip Nthai.

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Inside The Kitchen Of Chef Phillip Nthai

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Phillip is one of the reasons why guests come flocking back to Makweti, time and again.
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