Just Ask Us! Does it ever snow on the Reserve?

June 29, 2021 By Experience Comments Off

Josphat responds No, not really. But in some areas, we receive frost, and quite a bit of it. The reserve is in the Waterberg Biosphere Reserve, an area located more to the northern side of South Africa where it is drier in general throughout the year. South Africa lies between 23°S and 35°S, so quite

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Just Ask Us! We don’t see many ‘Thorn Trees’ on Welgevonden Game Reserve, why is that?

March 26, 2021 By Experience Comments Off

Josphat responds: Welgevonden Game Reserve is a conservation game reserve, but there used to be farms in this area. We believe that the indigenous thorn trees were taken out by farmers years ago, as they would have impacted the farming activities. Some of South Africa’s thorn trees also release chemicals that prevent other trees from

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Unusual suspects

On Saturday morning we woke to Zebras alarming in the ridge behind the waterhole. As we left for Game Drive, we found fresh tracks on the road, left behind by the possible cause for the all the alarm. We stopped and investigated and pieced together an interesting sighting, not witnessed by anyone. An Aardvark had

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For the Love of Nostalgia – The Dessert that’s Delighted for Three Generations

Otto de Jager was left a family legacy in form of a recipe book, handwritten by his mother, for his 30th birthday.  It’s a beautiful, leather-bound volume of love…  This treasure trove of traditions from an Afrikaans Kitchen showcases decades of a mother’s instinct to nurture and inspire.  From the dusty Karoo where his mother

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You are my Mate!

February, the month of ‘love’. It inspires us to reaffirm our commitments to those we hold dearest, showering them with gifts and experiences to see us through another 12 months. Love does though, exert the same level of distress on our bodies as deep fear does. Mathematically speaking, we should engage with a dozen partners

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Never Forget Your Love – Valentine’s Safari Photo Shoots at Makweti Safari Lodge

It gives us tremendous hope at Makweti to have February, the month of love, finally upon us once again. Hope for at least one month where love takes charge over all the chaos, where tenderness and togetherness are treasured during this time of global isolation. At Makweti, we are all true romantics at heart –

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Silver Anniversary

Cast the window wider, sonny, Let me see the veldt, Rolling grandly to the sunset, Where the mountains melt, With the sharp horizon round it, Like a silver belt. 1903, from the poem The Veldt by Percival Gibbon. Silver, a distinguished colour second only to Gold, is associated with elegance, sophistication, and innovation. In nature

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