Wildlife At Makweti

Just Ask Us! We often see Wildebeest and Zebra together, and there are many more Zebra on the Reserve, why?

Josphat Responds. When it comes to wildlife survival is of utmost importance. If animals are ‘together’ it means many senses are put to use to protect themselves. Zebras have got good eyesight whilst wildebeest have a good sense of hearing, coupled with eyesight. Both species are grazers and prefer open plains. Feeding together is beneficial

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Spring on the Welgevonden – celebrating the Makweti tree

On a beautiful Spring Day like today, we are especially grateful for the makweti trees that flank the Makweti Gorge – a rocky ravine over which our luxury lodge as has been built, with expansive views toward the Taaibos River Valley. These spectacular, unique trees bring us such beauty every day and are particularly breathtaking

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I have never been one for surprises, good or bad.   A proverbial planner with a backup plan for every plan including the backups suits me far better.   However, when one bears witness to the unexpected, that certainly gets me going.  There is no doubt that we would rather be out in nature than

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Just Ask Us! Why are some areas burnt and others not, especially where a road is a dividing line?

Colin Responds Wildfires start naturally in our area, especially at the onset of the rainy season before any substantial new growth has sprouted and while it is still extremely dry.   Often enough, a storm with a huge electrical element and very little rain occurs, and a lightning strike sets the parched veld alight as

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Black and White

Nature does not operate in grey areas. There can be no question that systems in nature are clearly defined with opposing principles appearing quite clearly in black and white. The areas in between are just as clearly defined and the infinite links that exist between everything, have just as well-defined purposes as the next, and

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JUST ASK US: We see quite a few open areas on the Reserve suddenly appear, almost as Islands, what causes this?

Colin responds. An open area may form naturally in any wooded area for various reasons. Just one example is an area where a termite mound has ceased to exist. The remaining underground plant material the termites did not consume fertilizes what was a bare area and grass grows. Grazers happen upon the area and use

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Perspective. The appearance of something relative to one another. We gain perspective daily of our own lives, our purpose in society, our roles as parents and children, of politics, religions, celebrities and more. All of us are constantly fed information from a wide range of sources, constantly changing how we see things, creating emotion and

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