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Celebrating Our Wonderful Women

South Africa celebrates the women of our country on the 9th of August every year with a public holiday that is unique to our country. We see it as as opportunity to celebrate the bravery and strength of South African women, a day which was first acknowledged in 1995. The History Of Women’s Day Women’s Day

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Two-Tone Roasted Yellow Pepper And Tomato Soup

This two-tone soup is made from a roasted yellow pepper soup and a separate tomato soup; both rich in flavour and colour. It is a real treat for the senses and so easy to make. Roasted Yellow Pepper Soup Ingredients 4 yellow peppers 1 onion, finely diced 1 tsp thyme, chopped 250 ml vegetable stock,

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Meet Ellard Banda – Makweti Field Guide

Ellard Banda is an exceptional field guide at Makweti, and one of our most trusted members of the extended Makweti family. He came to our lodge in 2013 to fulfill his role as our maintenance man. It wasn’t long before he became completely captivated by the nature around him and chose to study to become

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Legend Of The Nyami Nyami Walking Stick

June 26, 2019 By Art Comments Off

In Conversation With Test Malunga This walking stick is a piece of art that can be found at Makweti, and it has an incredible story behind it. It is beautifully crafted and is representative of the Nyami Nyami, who is the Tonga tribe river god that inhabits the Zambezi valley. The walking stick resembles a

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Hippo “Look N’Gai, No Fishes!”

Hippopotamus Hippopotamus amphibius It’s early winter in 2018 and Rhino Dam is a hive of activity. The last week of April saw the arrival of four adult hippos to the dam, having moved from Kromellenboog Dam far in the north of the reserve near Nyala plains. This group of hippo had often made the trek between these

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Sunset, Inverroche And The African Bush

There is something so indulgent about a gin and tonic at the end of the day. Winding down with the crisp, fragrant notes of your chosen flavour is something to look forward to, and at Makweti, we do it in style. The popularity of G&Ts has extended so far as to become a culture. In

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Pear And Ginger Cake

The cooler weather calls for comfort food, and this Pear And Ginger Cake is most certainly comforting, but closer to decadent! It’s not difficult to make either, and it will wow your family and friends into a a state of bliss. ¾ cup sunflower oil 190g treacle sugar 2 slightly beaten, large free-range eggs 190g

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