Sunset, Inverroche And The African Bush

There is something so indulgent about a gin and tonic at the end of the day. Winding down with the crisp, fragrant notes of your chosen flavour is something to look forward to, and at Makweti, we do it in style. The popularity of G&Ts has extended so far as to become a culture. In the last decade, this refreshing combination has morphed into an experience, rather than a drink… and we embrace this wholeheartedly, while using the African sunset as a backdrop.

Gin And Tonic - Makweti

Inverroche is one of our favoured brands of gin served at the lodge and on our game drives. It’s a local brand that hails from a family-owned, artisan distillery in the Cape. What we love about Inverroche is how it has captured the essence of South Africa in a number of different flavoured gins by using Fynbos and traditional botanicals.

These three captivating Inverroche gins are always available at Makweti Safari Lodge:

  • Gin Amber
  • Gin Verdant
  • Gin Classic

Combined with fresh ingredients that bring out the subtle flavours of each gin, Inverroche is a local feast for the senses for all our guests. This is how we drink our gin and tonics on safari at Makweti.

Pictured above from left to right, we have the following combinations of flavours:

Gin Amber

This is a firm favourite with our guests. It’s distinctively aromatic with a slightly spicy undertone. The amber colour comes from tannin-rich coastal botanicals that are used to mellow the gin after distillation. It is best served on lots of ice, a pink tonic, some fresh, chopped strawberries, pomegranate jewels and pink peppercorns.

Gin Verdant

This is a very delicate gin that has the fragrance of flowers blended into the Inverroche African botanicals. It also has a spicy undertone, as well as very subtle juniper, licorice and sweet citrus flavours. Served best with loads of ice, Indian Tonic Water, fresh cucumber and a sprig of rosemary.

Gin Classic

The Gin Classic is crisp, flavourful and slightly dry to the taste. Served with plenty of ice, your chosen tonic and sliced lemon or lime, you cannot go wrong with the classic.

Which is your favourite?

Photo credits: Ross Wilson of F Stops Photography.

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