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Prawn And Sole Roulade With Champagne Reduction

At Makweti, we don’t do half measures. We always go above and beyond to treat our guests like an extended family. One of our favourite ways to do this is through food. Each and every recipe is created and perfected in the Makweti kitchen, and we get so much satisfaction from constantly surprising our guests

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Spicing Up 2020 With Our Favourite Recipes

With the dawn of 2020, we decided to celebrate a few of our favourite spicy recipes that we’ve shared in the past. Phillip Nthai and the chefs in the Makweti kitchen are certainly not shy when it comes to adding unique flavours to their dishes. This is something that sets our culinary delights apart, making for memorable

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Makweti Beetroot Cheesecake Recipe

It sounds like an odd combination – beetroot and cheesecake – but that’s because you haven’t tasted it yet. It is absolutely exquisite, especially when made in the Makweti kitchen. You can, however, make it at home too. Our distinguished chefs have put together this easy, step-by-step recipe for you to try in your own

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The Magic Of Bush Coffee In The Morning

There is something incredibly magnificent about early mornings in the bush. It’s a moment shared with hundreds of species of insects, birds, animals and all sorts of other creatures as the night disappears and the new day begins. We have been doing mornings in the bush for a long time, and we know that there

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Makweti Marmite And Cheese Bread Recipe

There is nothing quite like the smell of freshly baked bread. Actually, we lie. Eating freshly baked bread probably tops the smell, but both are heavenly. This home-baked bread is a Makweti favourite, made with a local ingredient that South African kids grow up on: Marmite. Add loads of cheese and you have a recipe

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Cape Brandy Pudding Recipe

In keeping with our Women’s Month theme, we thought we’d share something sweet and delicious with you; a recipe for Cape Brandy Pudding. It’s not just any recipe, no… this is something special. It has a history as rich as the dessert itself. Cape Brandy Pudding originates from a popular South African dessert known as

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Two-Tone Roasted Yellow Pepper And Tomato Soup

This two-tone soup is made from a roasted yellow pepper soup and a separate tomato soup; both rich in flavour and colour. It is a real treat for the senses and so easy to make. Roasted Yellow Pepper Soup Ingredients 4 yellow peppers 1 onion, finely diced 1 tsp thyme, chopped 250 ml vegetable stock,

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