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Poached Egg In Avocado Breakfast Recipe

One of our guests had this breakfast at Makweti Safari Lodge last month, and made a special request for the recipe. Since we are in the habit of sharing Chef Phillip’s culinary secrets, we decided to make this delectable breakfast our focus this month for the benefit of everyone! Get your own taste of the Makweti

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Chocolate And Orange Tart Recipe

Once again, Chef Philip has outdone himself in the kitchen with a delectable tart that will change the way you see dessert forever. Chocolate and orange have always paired well together, but the combination in these tartlets is sheer perfection. Make them at home and experience a sample of the Makweti magic in your own

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Warm Up Your Winter With Our Makweti Bobotie

Bobotie is a traditional South African dish that takes you on a colourful taste adventure through our country’s history. The first instance of the recipe was brought to our shores by the Dutch in the early 1600s.The spices used in bobotie were introduced by the Indonesian slaves in the 17th century.

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Ginger Milk Tart Recipe

It’s June, the middle of winter here in South Africa, and the perfect time to turn to comfort food. This month we’ve got something positively delectable for you to bake in your own kitchens. A South African staple and traditional dessert in many households: the milk tart. In true Chef Phillip style, his milk tart

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Mouthwatering Makweti Recipes For May 2018

Welcome to your dose of mouthwatering Makweti recipes for the month of May. Seeing as though it’s Winter, we thought we would warm you up with this three-course meal. Enjoy!

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Delicious Makweti Recipes for April 2018

We said we’d share a bit of our kitchen magic with you, so here is a three-course meal that was created in the Makweti kitchen, by our talented Chef Phillip Nthai.

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