Game viewing from the comfort of Makweti Safari Lodge

With no fences at Makweti Safari Lodge, wild visitors roam freely throughout our property. What this means is that guests can occasionally expect to see anything from a shy duiker-antelope to an elephant intent on drinking from a suite’s private plunge-pool – all without leaving the comfort of the lodge.

The climate of the Waterberg area is warm temperate with three distinct seasons, and with temperatures from August to October beginning to rise, with mean daily maximum and minimum temperatures of 27,6°C and 8,6°C respectively, our wildlife are also feeling the heat.

The first ‘guest’ to make use of the main swimming pool at Makweti to cool off was an elephant, whose water adventures were filmed from the dining room deck as guests enjoyed breakfast.

Fortunate United Kingdom guests Thomas Wells and Samantha Gates, together with guides Test Malunga and Gary Parker, caught another elephant on camera as he stood and observed them before taking a drink from the pool right outside Suite 2.

We hope you enjoy watching these two videos as much as our guests enjoyed these up-close and personal sightings!

The Makweti Team

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