Just Ask Us! We don’t see many ‘Thorn Trees’ on Welgevonden Game Reserve, why is that?

March 26, 2021 By Experience Comments Off
Josphat responds:

Welgevonden Game Reserve is a conservation game reserve, but there used to be farms in this area. We believe that the indigenous thorn trees were taken out by farmers years ago, as they would have impacted the farming activities.

Some of South Africa’s thorn trees also release chemicals that prevent other trees from germinating under them – an incredible habitat defense mechanism – so it’s likely that the farmers may have removed them for that reason as well, so that other, more “use-able” tree and plant species may be cultivated.

Thorn trees like acacias thrive in Sweetveld regions. The Welgevonden Game Reserve is what we call Sourveld, so thorn trees wouldn’t thrive well in Sourveld naturally.


Photograph – Neil Davison

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