Making Guests Feel At Home At Makweti – Guest Reviews

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At Makweti Safari Lodge, we pride ourselves on exemplary service and the ways that we can deliver this to our guests. But service can be a very impersonal act. It can be professional, it can be streamlined, and it can also be detached. Something that has always been close to our hearts is the creation of tangible bonds with our guests.

We do this by welcoming them into our space and making them feel as though they are a part of the everyday activities. For the days or weeks that our guests spend at Makweti, they are a part of our wild and wonderful family.

Something that entices newcomers to stay at Makweti is the reviews they read, either on websites such as TripAdvisor or via our Facebook page, or even received through word of mouth from other guests.

We are thrilled to announce that we have recently been added to the TripAdvisor Hall of Fame due to us having received a Certificate of Excellence, every year for the past five years.

Making Guests Feel At Home – A Sample Of Makweti Guest Reviews

A Sample Of Excellent Guest Reviews

We’ve put together some reviews that happened to tickle us pink! If we haven’t included yours, it’s not an act of favouritism but based on a random selection. Thank you to each and every guest who has helped make Makweti the safari experience that it is today!

These were taken from our guestbook:

28 August 2017
“We are moving on tomorrow, but I doubt that anywhere else will match our experience here. Fabulous accommodation, great food, terrific game drives. Huge thanks to everyone! I want Neil and Jessica to come with us!”

Eleanor and Arthur Lowry
London, England

28 August 2017
“We so enjoyed our stay at Makweti – the animals, the food (the table settings!), the company, our guide… it was an outstanding experience.”

Dorothy Altman and Joan Fitzhugh
New Jersey, USA

29 August 2017
“Thank you so much for your gracious hospitality – the knowledge you impart – and the cuisine… oh, the cuisine. We had a marvelous time and are already thinking about the next visit.”

Susan and Paul Hanson
Venice Beach, Florida, USA

A random selection from TripAdvisor:

Heaven on Earth
“Makweti, (about our fourth visit) in the Welgevonden Game Reserve is the most amazing lodge. One of the loveliest in the whole of South Africa. It is smallish, with an exceptional ‘homely’ feeling, beautifully decorated, and the most spectacular views and outlook across the valley.

The staff are excellent, polite and friendly. Our guide was superb,10/10 + more! Very knowledgeable, and the most wonderful drives to the most beautiful parts of the park. Game and birds are plentiful. Will definitely choose to visit again.”

Anton and Gillie
Travelled in April 2018

Repeat Guest!
“I recently returned from my third trip to Makweti! It was as magical as the first. With each trip I learn more about the animals and vegetation, appreciate the service, enjoy the luxury of the lodge and am mesmerized by the gorgeous vistas! The wildlife and the experience are always thrilling and never disappoint!”

From New York City, New York, USA
Travelled in February 2018

Be our guest! We’d love to have you.

Making Guests Feel At Home – A Sample Of Makweti Guest Reviews

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