Makweti guide soars to new heights with birding qualification

March 24, 2016 By Experience Comments Off

Makweti Safari Lodge is proud to announce that our head guide, Test Malunga, has been awarded his SKS birding qualification from the Field Guides Association of Southern Africa.

For birdwatchers visiting Makweti, this will mean having top-level knowledge on hand to assist with identification, information on habitats, anatomy, behaviour, communication patterns and calls, as well as general bird evolution theory.

Should guests need help with their birding strategies, Test is available to assist in sharing his secrets on the most likely habitats, hotspots and stake-outs – hopefully reducing those long waits for a specific sighting!

“The course included the study of flight patterns – soaring, gliding, hovering, undulating flight, stoop, energy saving flight, spiralling; under-wing recognition of all raptors, and spoor identification,” said Test.

“I hope to put my knowledge to good use, fascinating our guests with insights into bird life’s interaction with other birds and animals, their relationship with habitats and plants and other symbiotic relationships which exist.”

While many do not think of birds as endangered, there are general global conservation issues, some of which have a South African context.

And then of course, no trip to Africa would be complete without traditional folklore. Test is able to explain myths and uses, ethnic names and other related information for a cultural background.


Makweti’s head guide, Test Malunga.

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