Makweti is idyllic for multi-generational family vacations

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A multi-generational family vacation will create lifelong memories and experiences through shared opportunities and open up children’s eyes to family values.

Makweti, with its full camp accommodation for up to 10 guests at a time, is perfect for families, with plenty of activities to keep youngsters over the age of nine busy while older members of the party can relax in comfort. It is the best way to experience Makweti and an African safari – in your ‘own’ home, with a team of staff on hand to ensure all requests are fulfilled.

Since the camp is unfenced, visits from Mother Nature’s creatures, big and small, are spontaneous and up close – best you keep watch!

Having your own private chef will mean that meals are specially created for all ages, so even the fussiest of eaters will be satisfied.

Going on safari is life changing – whether it be from quality time spent together as a family, the animals spotted in their natural environment, different cultures you meet, letting your hair down or a combination of all, there is always a positive element of change.

For parents and grandparents to see and experience new adventures on safari through their children’s eyes is the cherry on the top. Getting to learn about another culture with camp staff or dancing around the fire to the beat of a drum will bring out a deep feeling of happiness that will last long after your plane has touched down back at home.

*Makweti will waive the minimum age requirement, to eight years, for full camp reservation.

Sasha, from New York, sent the following school essay to Makweti as part of her family’s thank you note:

Sasha's Essay

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