Silver Anniversary

Cast the window wider, sonny,
Let me see the veldt,
Rolling grandly to the sunset,
Where the mountains melt,
With the sharp horizon round it,
Like a silver belt.

1903, from the poem The Veldt by Percival Gibbon.

Silver, a distinguished colour second only to Gold, is associated with elegance, sophistication, and innovation.

In nature it describes the positivity in life and the optimism that the beauty of nature provides.  We look to the silver lining for inspiration and hope.

Culturally, the colour Silver draws introspection, and its reflectivity is likened to the window to our Soul, allowing us to see ourselves as others do.

As we celebrate our Silver Anniversary at Makweti Safari Lodge, we are drawn to the Silver around us.

The Silver Cluster-leaf, Terminalia sericea, is an iconic tree species to many mixed Savanna bushveld areas and is prominent on Welgevonden Game Reserve.  The vibrant green leaves are densely covered in fine silver hairs, soft to the touch like silk.  The leaves gather at the end of the branches, giving it a unique feature and lending to its name.

Flowering in October to January on the Reserve, this semi evergreen species highlights the bush almost year-round.  Its importance in traditional medicines is respected and widely appreciated, its antibiotic properties giving it an air of silver importance.

Join us in celebrating our 25-year Anniversary with a sophisticated, elegant and ‘Silver Cool’ experience at Makweti Safari Lodge.

Text – Neil Davison

Photographs – Neil Davison

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