Makweti Reaches Out

October 26, 2018 By News Comments Off

Makweti Safari Lodge has been proud to sponsor two very worthy charities over the recent months. These charities are close to our hearts and we know that every bit of support – no matter how big or small – has an impact.

John Wesley Children’s Home

Kempton Park is home to the John Wesley Children’s Home, a safe haven for teenage girls who have been neglected, abused or abandoned. These girls have been taken away from their caregivers by the court because they were not being looked after in an appropriate manner. Children and young adults are at their most vulnerable during their teenage years when they’re trying desperately to navigate the realms of who they are and why they’re here. It’s a confusing time as it is, but these girls are really in need of extra love and support, which is why this initiative is close to our hearts.

This incredible organisation do what it takes to make these girls feel like they are a part of a family, and that their lives are worthy of celebration and joy. They help them get through high school as well as assist them in choosing a career or life path. All donations go towards helping the girls live a normal, happy life with the comforts of home, such as home-cooked meals, clothing, school supplies, and all the little details you would expect a teenage girl to need or want.

It makes us so incredibly happy to know that in our small way we are contributing to an improved existence for these future generations of South African women!

Pink Aid

Pink Aid is a support system for women suffering with breast cancer. Being diagnosed with breast cancer is a life-changing encounter and it comes with more than just medical bills. It has a huge impact on a woman’s lifestyle, her psychological wellbeing and the way she normally lives her life or raises a family. The support gathered from donors allows Pink Aid to cover all manner of responsibilities, including:

  • Help pay medical bills
  • Manage grocery shopping and food deliveries
  • Take care of babysitting
  • Drive patients to and from appointments
  • Help women navigate the many complexities of medical care that is available to them, among many other important roles

Pink Aid allows women to go through the phases of breast cancer with pride, dignity and their sense of womanhood intact. With a support system like this, even the toughest obstacles can be overcome, and this is something we are thrilled to be a part of.


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