A Place We Didn’t Want To Share – Guest Review

Thank you, Liz Newton for this honest and captivating review about Makweti Safari Lodge on TripAdvisor. We understand exactly what you mean by not wanting to share Makweti with the world. But the beauty of our lodge is that even if every person knew about it, it would always be an intimate, quiet retreat due to the limited number of people we allow to stay at one time.

Enjoy the read! We love hearing about Makweti through our guest’s experiences.

“I confess, I have been delaying our review because I couldn’t decide if I wanted to keep Makweti a secret or share this amazing place with others… we just loved it.

I’ve been fortunate enough to visit Africa many times in my youth – it holds a special place in my heart.

I had a special plan to help my ‘old teenagers’ fall in love with Africa whilst caring for it too. I needed a place that allowed them to experience Africa; quietly and without 20 Land Rovers buzzing about searching for a kill. I wanted my boys to care about the wildlife and love it for what it was in its own home. Makweti, and especially Neil – our truly exceptional guide – delivered better than I’d hoped. We all fell in love with Makweti and its quiet, passive experiences.

It is the most magical place.

I wanted an open camp – not all encased in fences – Makweti delivered this element of openness. The staff were exceptional in all areas. The other guests were delightful, the food was truly delicious and the daily changing table decorations were wonderful and hugely memorable.

Then there are the animals. We saw it all – other than leopard – several times. There is nothing Neil doesn’t know about the flora, fauna, insects, birds… actually just about everything, and he has huge respect for it all. We all learnt a lot and the boys really enjoyed learning. If only they’d paid that much attention in school!

If you want to relax in the most comfortable and wonderfully equipped suites – each with its own plunge pool – that you may need to share with a passing elephant; and you want to enjoy everything in harmony within their natural surroundings and see the most beautiful animals and birds – as they should be seen, then Makweti is definitely for you. If you just want to rush around chasing the kill with all the other overcrowded trucks, then please don’t go to Makweti.

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