Getting To Know Confidence Chau From Makweti

It has been a while since we introduced you to a member of the Makweti family, so today we are only too pleased to get to know Confidence Chau a little bit better. Confidence is a member of the housekeeping team, and one of the reasons why everything always looks so pristine when you visit the lodge.

Confidence was born in Mokopane, which many local people might know as Naboomspruit. It’s a good 154kms from Makweti, which is now her second home. Confidence was born into a Christian family of four siblings. She has two sisters and a brother, and her father is a well-respected guide at one of the other lodges on the Welgevonden Reserve.

Wildlife and nature are in her blood, which makes her an asset to Makweti Safari Lodge. In her words, “I love nature itself and enjoy growing with what it brings working in this environment.” There is so much that it can offer a person, that words simply cannot explain.

Confidence enjoys meeting our guests from countries all over the world. She loves learning about their cultures and work experience. Mostly, she loves working with all the people who make up the Makweti family.

“My favourite thing is we are all different at Makweti, and we talk different languages and have different interests. We have to work as one happy team, which we do. Together we are one, experiencing the beauty of nature and the peaceful sounds of the animals.”

If that’s not a perfect description of the magic of the bush, then we don’t know what is!

Confidence is mum to a beautiful, young boy named Herbert. She is also engaged to be married to the love of her life, William. We wish her all the love and prosperity on this new journey with her husband-to-be.

Confidence Chau

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