Lions In And Around Makweti Safari Lodge

We’ve said it so many times and will continue to do so… life at Makweti is never dull and no two days are the same. There’s always something to see or do and we are frequently blessed with the most incredible sightings that any wildlife lover would wish for.

We wrote a blog a while ago about the different lions on the reserve and how their prides have formed. Recently, one of the females from the Western Pride along with her two sons, was spotted in and around the Makweti Safari Lodge camp. During the heatwave, the game rely heavily on the waterhole at the camp for their daily refreshment, so we’ve been very fortunate with our sightings while simply sitting in comfort at Makweti.

Last week Thursday afternoon, the lions in question waltzed down past our staff quarters into the camp and quite casually helped themselves to a drink at the waterhole. The adult female hung around a little while, eventually making a half-hearted attempt to catch a zebra, who had also drifted down to the waterhole for a drink. Fortunately for the zebra it was too hot for the lioness to pursue the attempt, but it did make for an amazing spectacle.

Our guests at the time couldn’t have been luckier and we are always so pleased when nature puts on such a great show for them during their stay.

Images and account: Neil Davison

Lions in and around Makweti Safari Lodge

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