Meet Josphat on your Makweti Safari Lodge Game Drive

Some of Makweti Safari Lodge’s best guides have been the ones who were born into a life surrounded by nature, often coming from farmlands and small communities. One such guide is our ever-smiling, friendly-faced Josphat Chinyanda – affectionately nicknamed “Bushbaby”. Josphat leads our guests on an adventurous Makweti Safari Lodge Game Drive that they will never forget!

Josphat was born in Manicaland, in the mountainous region of Zimbabwe’s eastern highlands, 1300km away from Makweti Safari Lodge. He was one of 8 children in a closely-knit family.

Shrouded in rich grassland, shrublands, woodlands and forests, Josphat’s homeland is sparsely populated, lending to a rural upbringing surrounded by wilderness. As a boy, Josphat was a herdboy, shepherding the family’s sheep, goats and cattle. He learned the art of tracking animals from a young age, spending entire days out in the bush caring for livestock.

From Shepherd to Field Guide

In 2007, Josphat found a new outlet for his love for nature, in the Eastern Cape bushveld, where he enrolled for his Level 1 guide training with FGASA. It was the beginning of a new journey, one that has led him to the Makweti wilderness, where he takes guests on engaging and passionate game drives.

Speaking about his love for the bush and the work he gets to do leading Makweti Safari Lodge game drives, Josphat expresses his appreciation for the simple things, like breathing fresh air every day, and living away from the relentless hustle of city life. He delights in meeting different people from different countries, learning their cultures and sharing his own. And, of course, Josphat keeps nature close to his heart, saying, “Nature is life, like most of us. I hold a deep desire to leave a legacy. I want to know my life and my work made a difference, even by the smallest measure.

Josphat now lives in Vaalwater, 30km from Makweti, with his wife and daughter. He spends much of his time away from home, which can be challenging for a man with deeply-ingrained family values. He finds the strength to return home regularly with a smile and a heart full of joy. He also loves bird-watching, fishing, and watching a game of soccer.

Another Friendly Face at Makweti Safari Lodge

With his bright countenance and a contagious smile, Josphat has made Makweti Safari Lodge his second home, calling his job “a dream come true”. He describes the lodge as a family, where management remains closely connected to staff, and everyone works together: “That is the best part, and it makes working at Makweti a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We all have one goal, to leave the footprints of Africa on our guests’ hearts.

Climb into a Makweti Safari Lodge game drive vehicle with our friendly field guide, Josphat, on your next African safari. He is looking forward to meeting you and showing you around our magnificent African paradise!

Leading Makweti Safari Lodge Game Drive

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