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You are my Mate!

February, the month of ‘love’. It inspires us to reaffirm our commitments to those we hold dearest, showering them with gifts and experiences to see us through another 12 months. Love does though, exert the same level of distress on our bodies as deep fear does. Mathematically speaking, we should engage with a dozen partners

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Never Forget Your Love – Valentine’s Safari Photo Shoots at Makweti Safari Lodge

It gives us tremendous hope at Makweti to have February, the month of love, finally upon us once again. Hope for at least one month where love takes charge over all the chaos, where tenderness and togetherness are treasured during this time of global isolation. At Makweti, we are all true romantics at heart –

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As we are now well into a new year, and people all over the world are aspiring to eat healthier food, here at Makweti we continue to experiment with vegetarian dishes that make the mouth water. One such dish is our spinach and feta quiche – offering all the goodness of eggs and spinach and

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You taught me almost everything…

But you didn’t teach me how to live without you. A cloud may have a silver lining giving warmth and hope to us, but rarely does that silver lining have its very own silver lining, hidden within is symbolism of a better tomorrow. Saturday, the 4th day of August 2018 It’s 8am and we are

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MAKWETI’S Festive Gin and Tonic Cheesecake

With the holiday season now in full swing, we are looking for ways to spread festivity in ways that are true to the quintessential South African spirit. The reinvigorating Gin and Tonic has been adopted by South African culture, perfectly paired with our sublime, sunny weather and friendly disposition.  At Makweti Safari Lodge, we’ve combined

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Silver Anniversary

Cast the window wider, sonny, Let me see the veldt, Rolling grandly to the sunset, Where the mountains melt, With the sharp horizon round it, Like a silver belt. 1903, from the poem The Veldt by Percival Gibbon. Silver, a distinguished colour second only to Gold, is associated with elegance, sophistication, and innovation. In nature

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For the Love of Wild Places

“Makweti Safari Lodge was inspired by our family’s love of the wild places in Africa. It grew from the excitement of my parents, who journeyed to the Kruger park when it was first opened in 1926. They would travel in a Ford Model T and set up camp in the only facility provided in the

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