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Bringing the Beach to the Bush – East Coast Prawn Curry

In the words of novelist Jonathan Safran Foer, “Food is not rational. Food is culture, habit, craving and identity.” Few foods are as culturally-rich and – if we’re honest – irrational as a spicy-hot east coast curry. And yet, the cravings arise. We’re not all beef and venison in the bush – Even here, we

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Butternut and Lentil Strudel

Visiting an African wilderness is a deeply personal experience for any traveller. At Makweti, we aim to make every aspect of your stay special – even the food – and with a wonderful repertoire of mouthwatering vegetarian dishes, we help all our guests to celebrate their personal dietary preferences.  Personally yours, to try at home,

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Just Ask Us! We don’t see many ‘Thorn Trees’ on Welgevonden Game Reserve, why is that?

March 26, 2021 By Experience Comments Off

Josphat responds: Welgevonden Game Reserve is a conservation game reserve, but there used to be farms in this area. We believe that the indigenous thorn trees were taken out by farmers years ago, as they would have impacted the farming activities. Some of South Africa’s thorn trees also release chemicals that prevent other trees from

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Giant Bullfrog

There is a little water pan on the Reserve.  For the most part it goes unnoticed, lying dry as a bone in the African sun.  A small depression of dust and sand littered with the heavy footprints of bovids who in days past plodded through it, in the hope of bringing some relief to their

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Unusual suspects

On Saturday morning we woke to Zebras alarming in the ridge behind the waterhole. As we left for Game Drive, we found fresh tracks on the road, left behind by the possible cause for the all the alarm. We stopped and investigated and pieced together an interesting sighting, not witnessed by anyone. An Aardvark had

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JUST ASK US! ‘You say Elephant Males come into musth when mature and ready to mate, do male Rhino’s do the same?’

Neil responds. Elephant are not territorial and will wonder great distances in search of food, water, and potential mates, shaping the environment as they do. Female elephants ovulate every 4 months and so the chance of a bull elephant in musth coming into contact with a receptive female, fighting off other male suitors also in

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For the Love of Nostalgia – The Dessert that’s Delighted for Three Generations

Otto de Jager was left a family legacy in form of a recipe book, handwritten by his mother, for his 30th birthday.  It’s a beautiful, leather-bound volume of love…  This treasure trove of traditions from an Afrikaans Kitchen showcases decades of a mother’s instinct to nurture and inspire.  From the dusty Karoo where his mother

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