Wildlife At Makweti

The Lion Queen – African Lion Panthera leo

The old phrase “lightning never strikes twice” is born in myth and truth depending on how this phrase is used. Most storm chasers will have you know that this is false and given enough time it is certainly quite inevitable. Lightning can and will strike the same place twice at any time. There are many things to

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Hippo “Look N’Gai, No Fishes!”

Hippopotamus Hippopotamus amphibius It’s early winter in 2018 and Rhino Dam is a hive of activity. The last week of April saw the arrival of four adult hippos to the dam, having moved from Kromellenboog Dam far in the north of the reserve near Nyala plains. This group of hippo had often made the trek between these

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A Game of Thrones: The Lions Share

Lions, males in particular, have gripped the human race with fear, admiration, respect and misunderstanding for centuries. They are depicted as ruthless killers with an insatiable appetite for prey, and a blood lust for killing. They appear in many religious forms as symbols of power and strength, and are synonymous as symbols of status, wealth and

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MTN Working To Help Save The Rhino

MTN Connected Wildlife is a first-of-its-kind solution that harnesses the powerful Internet of Things technology to help save the rhino. From our experience, one of the best places in the world to see rhino in their natural habitat is at Makweti Safari Lodge, in the beautiful Welgevonden Game Reserve.

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The Elephant, The Artist and Makweti Safari Lodge

Ladies and gentlemen, in the left corner weighing in at 69kg, standing at 2,36 meters tall and in ivory trunks introducing… and in the right corner weighing in at 73,5kg, standing 2,33 meters tall and also in ivory trunks, introducing one of the greatest match ups of all time, ever recorded. While this may seem

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The Night Stalker – The Aardvark

Aardvark Orycteropus afer It’s a dark, chilly Winter morning and not much is stirring around Makweti Safari Lodge. It’s 2am, and the only sound is of the soft padding of a nocturnal animal moving around the open area close to the waterhole. His long, tubular nose, close to the ground, his long ears pricked, listening

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Always Learning About Our Wildlife

One can never know everything, and this is especially true for our wildlife around Makweti Safari Lodge and in the Welgevonden Game Reserve. The only way to evolve as humans is to constantly maintain the mindset of beginner’s mind, always being open and receptive to new ideas and information. This is the exact stance that

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