Wildlife At Makweti

You taught me almost everything…

But you didn’t teach me how to live without you. A cloud may have a silver lining giving warmth and hope to us, but rarely does that silver lining have its very own silver lining, hidden within is symbolism of a better tomorrow. Saturday, the 4th day of August 2018 It’s 8am and we are

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Beyond the Ball

Early morning, June 2017.  We’ve aroused our guests to prepare for the morning game drive, when from down the valley comes a reverberating rumble. Startling all those lounging on the deck of the Indaba, the roaring sound penetrates the aroma of coffee brewing. We look at each other. Lion! It is the Tembe Male, sprawled

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Safari Game Drive – What We See Depends on What We Look For

Seeing is believing or perhaps seeing is deceiving.  The idea that seeing is believing dates to ancient Greece, from where the expression became part of many proverbs in English and other languages.  The idea that we need to see something first, before believing it exists, may well be true, but sometimes what we see is

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World Girl Child Day – Raising Matriarchs and Queens

Every living organism has the right to a healthy life, safe existence and the opportunity to develop and grow to their full potential. This couldn’t be more true than for those who form the womb of every society. In recognition of International Day of the Girl Child, today – the 11th day of October 2020

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World Habitat Day – Preserving ‘Home’

World Habitat Day – the 5th day of October 2020 – is recognised each year on the first Monday of October. It is designated to reflect on the state of towns and cities and the rights for all to have adequate shelter. Habitat: The space we occupy We often forget that we share our spaces

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An African Moon

We have always insisted that our winter night skies in the Waterberg are spectacular. With little cloud to obscure our views of the vibrant Milky Way, little or no moisture or humidity to diminish the faint glow of even the smallest or farthest star from the earth, the night skies are alive. There is so

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The Baboon, A Poet And A Naturalist

Change is inevitable. Be it good or bad, it is bound to happen. Most of what changes is not so much about what has changed or is busy changing, but more one’s perception of what is different. Many things change around us without us knowing. Many changes have different impacts or effects on us or

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