Wildlife At Makweti

Answering Some FAQs About Makweti

What Does Makweti Mean? The name “Makweti” refers to the woody tree with the succulent branches and leaves that is characteristic in and around the camp and is better known as the Bushveld Candelabra, or Euphorbia cooperi.  It is believed that the local or traditional name in this region for the Euphorbia cooperi tree is

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The Different Trees In Makweti Camp

The early summer rains have left the reserve looking spectacular this year.  The rivers are in full flow, the floodplain areas in the central parts of the reserve are filling, and the flora has responded to this with great enthusiasm. The Makweti camp hasn’t been this lush or in such glorious splendour since February 2017,

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Red-Billed Oxpecker – A Key Ecological Species

Buphagus erythrorhynchus It is not often these days that you will head out on a game drive or outing in the bush without coming across the unique birds that are associated with several of the larger herbivores. Hopping around on the backs of buffalo, rhino or giraffe, these little brown birds with their distinct red bills

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Lions In And Around Makweti Safari Lodge

We’ve said it so many times and will continue to do so… life at Makweti is never dull and no two days are the same. There’s always something to see or do and we are frequently blessed with the most incredible sightings that any wildlife lover would wish for.

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Rock Hyrax or Rock Dassie – Procavia capensis

Walking around Makweti Safari Lodge during the day, one cannot miss the activity of the resident colony of little creatures living amongst and around the rocks, rooms and main lodge. This small ‘rodent-like’ animal is the Rock Dassie or Rock Hyrax. These little mammals are nowhere close to rodents, other than in general appearance and

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Neil Finds An Elephant Tooth – A Rare And Fortunate Find

For the past 18 years of my life in and out of the bush, I have been fervently searching for a jewel, and at last I have found one. It was late Friday afternoon when we were heading into a valley, south of the Taaibos River. Our attention was fixed on a cheetah female that

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Jameson’s Red Rock Rabbit – Pronolagus randensis

We are privileged to live in such an amazing environment and are reminded of this daily. Makweti Safari Lodge is not only home to our incredible team and a home-away-from-home for our guests, but we also share this space with several resident camp creatures. On occasions at night whilst heading back to the rooms, guests

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