Wildlife At Makweti

A Home That Makes A “Hole” Lot Of Sense

Observation: the active acquisition of information from a primary source using our senses. A critical part of being a guide, or even simply living in a natural environment, is possessing the proverbial ‘power of observation’ – taking time to notice the small things, those things less ordinary. Each time we exit the reserve and travel

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Nature’s Medicine Chest

In October 2018, we were in northern Kruger National Park when I was reminded about the trade in traditional medicinal products in South Africa. We were in the farthest northern part of the Kruger National Park driving along the Levubu River. We passed a common cluster fig or sycamore fig tree with a neat rectangular

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Travel Safely Feathered Friends

With the world at a standstill as we battle through the current pandemic, travel restrictions all over leave us dreaming of our next exotic holiday. Nature, however, continues to take to the skies, and it is quite simply business as usual. It’s that time when the mornings are cooler, rain clouds visit us less often,

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What’s In A Name?

“What’s in a name?  A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” ~ Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare. A name. It is most often the very first thing we learn about something or someone. It allows us some insight into that person (or in this case an animal) and forms the basis

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Flight of Fancy

The mass movement of the Brown-veined White Butterfly sp. Belonois aurota aurota “Flight of Fancy” definition – fictionalisation, fantasy, mirage, unreality… or is it? The very thought of the annual migration of millions of tiny white butterflies all north-east bound in search of mates in wetter regions may seem to be fantastical. But this is

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Lights, Camera, Action

The waterhole at Makweti Safari Lodge has always been a hive of activity and over the past three years has provided our guests with much entertainment and enjoyment. It’s the start of Summer, which is ultimately the driest part of the year. The Waterberg is well known for its abundance of fresh water, however it is

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‘A O Bone Peolwane?’ – Did You See The Swallow?

Red-breasted Swallow (English) Peolwane (Northern Sotho) – Hirundo semirufa Early on Monday morning, we headed out on the game drive just before 6am. It was a cool morning, typical of spring but the sun was starting to rise above the hills that surround the Makweti Gorge. We had discussed birding the night before around the table and

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